Advancing Responsible Young Citizenship in Mississippi and the United States addresses lack of demographically relevant and attractive citizenship education content through two primary activities.

+ Content Development Workshops produce citizenship education materials in a variety of mediums and formats demographically relevant and attractive to young people to help stimulate reflection and discussion on citizenship awareness and responsible engagement

+ Stakeholders Conferences to explore and share current and proposed activities to educate and increase responsible citizenship engagement among young people


Incidents of violence, disruption, disrespect, bullying, and verbal and physical intimidation often occur in our schools and our society, posing significant challenges for a fair and just society.

A significant void exists in citizenship education, especially relative to young people. A search of popular data reflects little citizenship relevant content other than as related to immigrant citizenship education.

There’s little likelihood that our schools will make significant progress in citizenship education given current financial and testing constraints. Although several organizations and websites operate in the area of the U.S. Constitution and citizenship, they are not focused to younger people in a demographically relevant and attractive way.

Advancing a fair and just society in Mississippi and the United States should depend upon understanding, applying, and enforcing fundamentals of constitutional citizenship; not individual opinions, personalities, preferences, and dislikes. These fundamentals include our citizenship rights, but also our citizenship roles and responsibilities.

Effective citizenship education and awareness should help improve our ability to exchange ideas and make good decisions and improve government of society. [Review of the Effects of Citizenship Education; Educational Research Review, p 170; 2013].

Also, as stated by James Madison: “A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both.”

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