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Our Mission
ICARE - [Institute for Citizenship Awareness and Responsible Engagement]
seeks a world where all people faithfully believe and live positive core values as stated in the 10 Commandments and Golden Rule; and live as full Citizens, having both Rights and Responsibilities in a fair and just society. The Institute supports the work of James Meredith to promote true Christian values, U.S. citizenship, and responsible action to transform our nation and help America lead the world.

Principles and Programs

God’s Simple Plan

"…the principal problem is the breakdown of moral character. We've got to focus on what the Bible says, teaching the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule to every child."

Responsible Citizenship

Citizenship as a personal mindset asserts one’s own constitutional authority, and  recognizes one’s responsibility to contribute to society, as well as benefit from it.

Educational Excellence

Each American citizen is challenged to commit right now to help children in the public schools in their community, especially those educating disadvantaged students.

Economic Freedom

There is no independence- personal, social, or political- without economic freedom.  Create ethical businesses, jobs, and wealth for true leadership and influence.

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[ICARE] Institute for Citizenship Awareness and Responsible Engagement

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James Meredith, an American warrior for full citizenship, is the first known Black person to graduate from the University of Mississippi; and in 1966 led the “Walk Against Fear” to inspire Black people in Mississippi and the United Statea to register and vote.

Only the family of God can solve the problems of our time.”  James Meredith


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